We’ve had some great memories from dog shows over the years! Thanks to our amazing puppy buyers who follow us around on shows showing your CC pugs! We are so proud of you all.

A great proudness, never to be forgotten, is CIB SE UCh DK UCH Counting Crows Dallas Dhu, ”Frank”, owned by Kati Nordin, excellent handled by Camilla Liljhammar. ”Frank” was from our third litter, born in 2009, after SE UCH Brittyard’s Noah x Donnymoor Because-Im-Worth-It. Frank won a lot! Both in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Our precious black diamond born in 2018, Counting Crows Winning Streak, ”Cornelis”, owned by Stina Lundin and Melina Somers. Cornelis is a black pug with an excellent corp, more to be seen as a fawn pug’s. He has multiple CACs and CACIBs in Sweden, Spain and Portugal. Cornelis has price winning offsprings and is still available for suitable bitches. He has PDE status N/N (free).

To mention a few more:

Our youngster Counting Crows Escapador, ”Barryton”, has been showed in Spain and Portugal with several J-CAC and r-J-CAC and BOB. He is a lovely boy awaiting next season in Sweden to show off!

Counting Crows Caol Ila, ”Bella” – winner of CAC, CACIB, Best Junior Bitch at Pug Dog Show 2010

Counting Crows Boy Oh Boy, ”Boy” – BIS puppy at Pug Dog Show 2012, BOG-1 & BIS-2 puppy at Gibraltar Dog Show 2012, BIS-2 Brace class Gibraltar and multiple BM placements

Counting Crows Paella Amarilla, ”Leeloo” – BOS at Pug Dog Show 2012, CACIB, multiple r-cac, BIS-2 Brace class Gibraltar and multiple BB placements

From our very first litter, Saxony Youth Winner 2007, Berlin Youth Winner 2008, German Junior Champion and German Champion Counting Crows Bitter-Pill, ”Valdez”, owned by Payaso Pugs, Daniel & Nicole Brasa, Germany. Such a boy! ”Valdez” was out of MULTI CH MULTI WINNER Filosofias Marcello and Donnymoor Because-Im-Worth-It, our very first litter, back in 2007.

…and even more winners!

r-CAC and/or r-cacib
Counting Crows Jade
Counting Crows Glitter n’ Coral
Counting Crows Hera On A Streak
Counting Crows Unique
Counting Crows Dr-Feelgood
Counting Crows Gran Buey
Counting Crows Fenix Florida
Counting Crows Bel Gioiello
Counting Crows Ride The Hi-Hat
Counting Crows Chancelez To Moennig

CY CH Björkbygdens Segervilja – champion of Cyprus

Counting Crows Opal
Counting Crows Winning Steak
Albicans Unchain My Heart
Albicans Unfinished Business

CQ / Champion Quality
Counting Crows Lily Of The Valley
Counting Crows Avalon
Counting Crows Petit Cravate
Counting Crows Public-Enemy
Counting Crows Fenix del Fuego
Counting Crows Avila Del Agua
Counting Crows Gia Bella Bambina
Counting Crows Hazelnut
Counting Crows Betty Bonanza

Counting Crows Boy Oh Boy
Counting Crows Bert The Bankrobber

Counting Crows Live-Wire

Mixed show photos from over the years